Patternforkids: Sew attractive baby and children's fashion yourself

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Patternforkids has the optimal solution for baby and children's clothing ready.

Use our patterns, which are also suitable for hobby sewers and beginners.

Patternforkids: A modern pattern solution

Create your own clothes for babies, children and teenagers from 0-14 years. You can take the wishes of your offspring into account. Girls and boys develop preferences for certain clothes at an early age and already have a burgeoning fashion consciousness. Clothes that you have sewn yourself are also an excellent gift to make the hearts of dear godchildren, grandchildren, nieces and nephews beat faster.

Unique items for little fashion trendsetters

The most expensive branded clothing cannot compete with such unique items. It's just the uniqueness that makes the difference. This is a fantastic opportunity to accommodate your children's needs. Children and young people wholeheartedly appreciate it when their needs and concerns are taken seriously. So you can use it to improve the relationship with your children. 

Our patterns: practical and easy to use

All of our patterns have been tested for practicality. Even if you have no sewing experience, you will quickly get used to it.
Last little tip: You can also decorate the clothes you are designing with your own ideas, for example with patches or nice patches: for example glitter stickers, animal pictures, frills and bows, patches from popular football clubs or well-known cartoon characters and much more. This gives the sewn an additional personal touch. Just let your creativity run free.

Large selection of patterns

You can also save money with your great hobby. Children and young people quickly outgrow their things and off-the-peg children's clothing is quite expensive if quality is important. Trendy, comfortable and easy to manufacture with our instructions, you can easily design dresses, hats, jackets, pants, leggings, overalls and much more yourself. Perhaps you would also like to join forces with others and sew together? Many people appreciate handicraft as a relaxation phase. So you are doing yourself something good by sewing. It is all the nicer when you can pursue this interesting hobby in good company. For example, you can join a sewing cafe where handicrafts are jointly cared for and also draw the attention of others to our sewing patterns. Often people join together to form hobby artist associations.



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